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Your needs are why we are here.  A happy customer is the only customer. Treat others as you would be treated.  In that thought we are fair, direct, honest and follow through with our commitments to YOU.

“We developed our new-look website firmly with our clients and partners in mind. Our approach to website design has been developed around the premise of ‘I need’.

It isn’t about trying to cram everything we can do into the website, it’s about being clean and accessible, and demonstrating how we can support organizations to overcome the challenges they face.

It would be easy just to talk about us – our products, our services, what we can do. However, we’ve flipped that round to be completely client-focused.

What’s more, we know this approach suits our market because we’ve asked our clients! At the start of the process, we surveyed key partners to ensure our web development was truly insight-led and meets the needs of the people who will be using it.

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Our Products
Law Firm Websites
One of the greatest benefits of the Internet for lawyers is its power to reach thousands of potential clients. While many law firms have Websites, simply putting a Website up does not automatically mean potential clients will find it. To be an effective marketing tool, your Website needs to be visible to potential clients, contain quality information, and encourage potential clients to contact you.
Our law firm Websites are designed for full visibility. AfilMark follows an integrated approach that combines efficient responsive Website design and back-end architecture with precision keyword targeting to attract clients in the practice areas and locations most important to your firm. We keep abreast of best practices in online marketing and changes in search engine algorithms so that you don't have to.
Consultative Collaborative Approach
Starting with an analysis of your firm's goals, your practice, your clients, the industries you serve, and, if applicable, your current Website and branding, AfilMark works with you to develop a responsive Website designed to get you noticed. We work with our clients in close collaboration through each step of the Web building process.
Responsive Website Designs that Work
First impressions matter. AfilMark's Website designs create a professional and sophisticated virtual home for your practice with stylish graphics, easy navigation, and a well-integrated layout.
Our user-responsive designs optimize the display of your Website across multiple devices, so that potential clients will see your Website in its best light whether they are browsing from a computer, iPad or Android tablet, or mobile phone.
Whether you seek a responsive Website design that matches your existing marketing or would like to head in a new direction, our team will create a design that works for you. We make it easy for you to combine firm photos and firm marketing collateral with new images from a library of millions of graphics and photos. We focus on visitor usability and implement best practices to increase the likelihood that potential clients will contact you when they need legal services.
Search Engine Optimization
The AfilMark team members are experts in optimizing Websites and we will optimize yours!
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that increases your Website's visibility to the millions of people who find information and services on the Internet. SEO can position your firm among the top organic search results of a given query, which can dramatically increase traffic to your Website, and establish a Web presence for your practice.
Search engines seek to deliver the most relevant results for a given search. Accordingly, we focus on increasing the relevancy of our clients’ Web sites to someone searching for a lawyer or law firm online. Three core components are instrumental in determining a Website’s SEO success: (1) Quality Website Content — Content must reflect the relevant aspects of a law firm: practice areas, location, attorney profiles, and other helpful information; (2) Optimized Presentation of a Website's Content — A Website must be structured and optimized to allow search engines to index content easily and to improve the search engine ranking of your site; Google recommends responsive web design, serving the same HTML for all devices and using CSS to decide the rendering on each device. and (3) Awareness of the Website — A Website should be submitted to directories and local services directories. AfilMark’s combined knowledge of law and technology allows us to showcase your practice and firm to maximize your Internet presence.
Web and Local Directory Submissions & Social Media Setup
AfilMark submits our clients' Websites to Web and local services directories. Some AfilMark Website service levels also include social media page setup, such as Facebook and Google Plus.
Content Writing Services
We encourage lawyers to write quality content in their own voice and we provide coaching to help in this process of content development. For those who do not have the time to develop their own content, we provide à la carte writing services. Our writing team includes licensed attorneys, and all content is reviewed for quality and marketing effectiveness before publication. Our writing team can also assist you in creating law firm narratives, attorney biographies, practice area descriptions, and more.
Online Updating Tools
Purchasing a AfilMark Website provides you with 24/7 access to AfilMark's online content updating tools — created to give you personal control of your Website content offerings to keep your law firm's marketing message up-to-date. Our tools make it easy to instantly update firm or attorney information, add Website content or even add new Website sections.
Client Intake Forms
Often overlooked by law firms when creating an online presence, Client Intake Forms are an important and valuable tool. Client Intake Forms gather the essential information you need before an initial interview with a potential client. AfilMark can work with you to create Client Intake Forms that allow your firm to focus on quality leads.
Enhanced Website Traffic Reports
Enhanced Website Traffic Reports include Google Analytics, which allows you to determine how many people visit your site, where these visitors come from, and what specific pages they look at — information that can be used to continually increase your law firm's online reach and visibility.
Domain Names
We can assist you in registering a new domain name or redirecting your current domain name to your new Website. AfilMark owns thousands of domains containing legal-specific key terms.
Hosting and Security
AfilMark Websites are hosted in state-of-the-art facilities. We perform daily backups of all AfilMark law firm Websites. An intrusion detection system continuously checks for unauthorized access to your Website's files.
AfilMark Lawyer Directory
AfilMark clients receive higher placement in our lawyer directory at and partner lawyer directories.